Arizona Takes Step in the Right Direction

Published 04/18/11

In the midst of the national debate about health care, some states are taking matters into their own hands to protect the health care freedoms of their citizens, and improve access to health insurance through lower prices.

The Arizona legislature has taken a bold move in the right direction by passing S.B.1593 – a bill that would allow Arizonians to purchase health insurance across state lines.

The bill is now going to Gov. Jan Brewer’s desk, and she has until April 28 to sign it or veto it.

S.B.1593 would give citizens of Arizona their choice of policies from across all 50 states.

Rather than eliminating state mandates, this bill simply gives Arizona families and businesses more choices to be able to purchase the policy they believe is best for them, whether it be an Arizona policy (the state has 33 mandates about health coverage) or a policy from Idaho (14 mandates) or Rhode Island (69 mandates).

This huge expansion of the health insurance marketplace would give Arizonians an advantage over other more limiting states. Competition to insure families and businesses in the state would be fierce, as the sellers in the market would increase 50-fold.

All states should embrace reforms like this one, because increased competition in a health insurance marketplace would lower premiums without damaging our health care system.


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