Welcome to Saving Our Health Care!

Published 10/20/10

And now, Americans are fed up. We realize ObamaCare won’t work and that it’s full of bad ideas. Premiums will continue to increase at high rates. Companies are considering dropping health benefits for their employees. Normal everyday people can’t make their own choices about their coverage. Doctors won’t be able to do what’s best for their patients.

Our health care system needs saving now more than ever. At SavingOurHealthCare.org, we’re dedicated to connecting Americans with the resources they need to make their voices heard. Our Web site is meant to be a place for groups and individuals to exchange news about initiatives, events, information, and developments related to the fight against ObamaCare.

If you’ve found your way to our site, please help the effort to save health care by contributing what you know about all that is happening. Are you part of a group that is fighting back? Do you know fellow Americans who feel the same way you do? Are you ready to take action?

SavingOurHealthCare.org can connect Americans to the right resources to stop ObamaCare and fix health care the right way. Please share this resource with your friends, colleagues, and family. Everyone should get involved and start saving our health care!


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