Where's My Waiver

Published 04/07/11

The Secretary of Health and Human Services has arbitrarily given waivers to 1,169 businesses and five entire states from harmful provisions of ObamaCare. Despite union workers only making up 11.9% of the workforce, 45.55% of waiver beneficiaries are unionized!

While powerful liberal unions are now reaping the benefits of their tens of millions of dollars in support for President Obama’s campaign, the rest of America is left fully complying with the destructive ObamaCare law, leading millions to ask:

Yo, Where’s MY Waiver?

In the land of equal protection under the law, all deserve to be protected from ObamaCare’s harm or none should.

If you agree, send an email to the Obama Administration asking for YOUR waiver from provisions of ObamaCare that harm YOU!

Go to www.WheresMyWaiver.com to request your own waiver from ObamaCare.


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