Independent Women's Voice on Senate Repeal Vote: See Where They Stand

Published 02/02/11

Washington, D.C. — Independent Women’s Voice President & CEO Heather Higgins expressed disappointment in the Democrats’ blocking of a Senate GOP effort to repeal President Obama’s unpopular and unconstitutional health care law.

“I commend Sen. Mitch McConnell for bringing this vote on repeal,” said Higgins “A number of Democrats have expressed some opposition to ObamaCare, but today we see where they stand. They know this monstrosity is bad for the economy, bad for doctors and their patients, and bad for people’s choice in health care matters.

“This attempt at repeal may have been blocked, but Congress must continue to work to deauthorize, defund and, ultimately, repeal this government takeover of health care.”

“Today, all 47 Republican Senators voted to proceed with repeal of ObamaCare,” noted IWV Policy Analyst Hadley Heath. “Three of those Senators have signed the Repeal Pledge — Sens. Dr. Tom Coburn (OK), John Kyl (AZ) and David Vitter (LA). The remaining 44 GOP Senators should affirm their commitment to deauthorize, defund and repeal ObamaCare by signing the Repeal Pledge at

“Today’s vote was important, as was Monday’s ruling of ObamaCare unconstitutional by a Federal Judge,” continued Heath. “Now is the time to keep pressing in the fight to repeal ObamaCare and give choice to patients and doctors, not government bureaucrats.

“The time for members of Congress to demonstrate their dedication to repeal is now, by signing the Repeal Pledge.”

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