Vote for Health Policy Questions in Today's RNC Debate

Published 01/03/11

TODAY you have the chance to vote for questions that you’d like to hear answered in the RNC debate!  This is a great opportunity to bring health policy to the forefront.  Just visit, search for questions by number, and vote for them!

Here are some health policy questions you should vote for:

#468 – The new health care law is already making health care more expensive and less affordable.  What fundamental principles do you believe should be the basis of the Republican message that outright repeal of ObamaCare is critical to keeping American families and not politicians and big lobbying interests in control of health and health care decisions?

#487 – Will you sign, as an individual, the ObamaCare Repeal Pledge — available online at — and will you commit to not funding any candidate who has not himself or herself committed to full repeal of ObamaCare, as evidenced, for example, by signing the ObamaCare Repeal Pledge?

And another good question about getting corruption out of the political process:

#489 – Republicans and Independents are fed up with business as usual and politics as a personal-enrichment racket; just recently the RNC has suffered allegations cronyism and corruption. Will you promise that you will in no way benefit from any contract let by the RNC, that you will preclude all consultants from any side compensation or incentive fees outside of that specified in their contracts, and you will institute third party audits to ensure that the business of the RNC and its consultants adhere to best practices?


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