Defend Your Religious Freedom from ObamaCare

Published 02/09/12


You shouldn't have to choose between God and the government. 

That's exactly what the First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees: your religious liberty to practice your faith, free from government interference. 

But now, under ObamaCare, religious liberty is in jeopardy. 

A new decision from the Obama Administration is compelling religiously-based organizations to offer a litany of services and coverage related to reproduction — including sterilization, contraception, and even abortion-inducing drugs — as part of their health insurance plans.

These faith-based groups must offer these items as part of their health insurance coverage even if those organizations have faith-based objections to the use of these drugs or procedures.

And now, thanks to ObamaCare, these organizations face an exceedingly difficult dilemma forced on them by the government: Either fully cover all of these services in violation of their religious faith or choose to not offer coverage at all and pay the fines and penalties triggered by that decision. 

It is no surprise that the unprecedented and unconstitutional expansion of power contained in ObamaCare would lead to the violation of such fundamental rights we enjoy as Americans.

The government cannot be allowed to force people to violate their religion.

Stand up for religious freedom.  Sign our new petition demanding that the Obama Administration rescind this new rule.

Stand with us for the rights of ALL Americans to practice their faith free from government interference.


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